Spark of Grace is a book written about the Haldane Revival, which took place in France during the 19th Century, by Joe Ridholls. If you're interested in Church history, or possibly more specifically French Protestantism, then you'll find this book a very interesting read: it discusses many well known characters including Neff, Malan, Monod, d'Aubigné and obviously Robert Haldane. At the front of the text is also an excerpt from a letter from Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones in which he expresses how much he enjoyed reading the manuscript.

The author asked me if it was possible to put it on to the internet, and when I investigated, found it was probably easiest for me to digitise it and keep it on my own site for the time being.

It is available as both an ODT file (readable by the free office suite OpenOffice), for anybody interested in making corrections or translations, a PDF file, and an HTML file which isn't quite so attractively laid out; the license used is: verbatim copying and redistribution of this text is allowed worldwide and royalty free provided this notice is preserved. Please feel free to make any corrections (Re: my digitising) or translations, but if you would direct them to my e-mail address ( I would be very greatful.